Ray Reuter

Email: Ray@unfetteredpotential.com

Website: www.unfetteredpotential.com

Phone: 913-851-2430

Location: Overland Park, KS

Speaking Topics: Leadership, Productivity, Personal Mastery, Living a life unfettered

Areas of Specialization: Business, Strategy, Planning, Leadership, Team Dvlp, Personal Mastery, Communications, Productivity

Ray Reuter is the owner of Kaizen, Inc., a training, coaching, consulting and personal development company that began over 13 years ago. "Kaizen" is a business philosophy meaning continuous improvement. Ray brings this philosophy of continuous, ongoing improvement to individuals and organizations by providing high performance training, personal development, and coaching processes aimed at improving leadership, management, teams and personal effectiveness. The outcome is unfettered potential within people and organizations to maximize results — at work, at home, in all aspects of one's life.

“Every day, I focus on awakening and inspiring people to achieve what’s possible in their lives and in their workplace. I want people to fully realize their God-given potential in ALL that they do.”

This focus leads to an emphasis on leadership development, self-mastery, effective communication, personal accountability, teamwork – and overall how to be and have a positive impact in life. Ray works with CEOs, individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, key leaders who want to inspire and sharpen themselves and those they serve and influence to maximize business performance, positively impact lives, and glorify God. The result is equipping, connecting, and inspiring leaders … inspiring people to do what they would not normally do on their own!

Prior to becoming a successful entrepreneur and creating his own company, Ray spent 20+ years with American Express Financial Advisors both at the corporate office level and in the field.

Ray is happily married to Julie, his wife of over 34 years. Julie and Ray work together raising their five boys, four daughters-in-law, and eleven grandchildren.

Ray is a senior co-leader for Marked Men for Christ, a Christian men’s ministry focused on “strengthening God’s men.” He has served as the ministry’s Region Director for the Heartland (Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska) and been responsible for growing this ministry and serving the “marked men” in the community.

Ray shares his thoughts on life, business, work, God, relationships on his unfettered thoughts blog (www.unfetteredthoughts.com).