Susan Ackley, CRC


Phone: 708-830-0080

Location: Oak Brook, IL

Speaking Topics: Non-financial Retirement Coaching, Finding Fulfillment in Retirement, Volunteerism and Retirement

Susan has been a Certified Retirement Coach since 2011. She found that there were very few services, beyond financial retirement planning, that existed for those about to go through such a major life transition – perhaps the biggest transition of one’s life.

Susan began her work life in health care management and accounting, but returned to graduate school mid-career to study counseling psychology. She worked in senior social services during and after graduation, but once Susan became a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Addiction Counselor, she moved from senior services to the mental health field. She worked in inpatient and outpatient addiction and mental health programs, and part-time private practice. She was working full-time at a local hospital's inpatient psychiatric unit, when the closing of that unit was announced, Susan initially was at a total loss. She wasn't old enough or ready to retire nor did she want to stop working.. Her mother was also needing more help, so Susan needed a job with more flexibility. She found a coach and went through coaching to figure out her next move forward, Coaching helped her find a new direction, as Susan stumbled on retirement coaching, and found it an field that was so necessary but not well known. She trained to become a Certified Retirement Coach and has been working to promote the retirement coaching field. She is an member of the Retirement Coaches Association and continues learning and honing her retirement coaching skills through Retirement Options. and ICF. She speaks locally to those not yet retired,, new retirees, financial advisors, and human resource professionals on the availability and benefit of retirement coaching. She has coached retiring or retired individuals and couples across the Midwest. She finds partners or spouses are often not on the same 'page' when it comes to retirement goals, so wants to see them included in the coaching process. She likes the Retirement Success Profile as her preferred assessment tool. Susan is writing a book on the initial shock of retiring, which should be available in 2018.

Susan is a native Chicagoan, who now lives and works in Oak Brook, Illinois. She has traveled to all 7 continents, is a voracious reader, enjoys Sudoku and crossword puzzles,, is an avid Bears and Cubs fan, and is training her Wheaten Terrier, Carly, as a therapy dog. so they can both volunteer at local hospitals and nursing homes. Helping others find direction and live their best life is a passion.